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The guild Risen is a family, a group of close knit friends. Respect is earned when you get invited to the guild.

Risen does not tolerate drama.

    Risen family members are expected to help one another out, from missions to flashpoints to gear to skill builds to game knowledge.

    When on an operation/raid, the raid leader is king- even if he's the king of nothing.

    Members are expected to be active on the forums, website, and voice coms as well. No, you don't need a microphone, but you -do- need to be able to listen. Raid instructions are given out in voice chat, not in text. Encounters are dynamic, typing is too slow.

    Risen members are expected to follow the chain of command, gripes go upward, not downward.

    Risen members are also expected to show respect to fellow players- you are an example of who and what Risen is to the outside, we want that to be good image.

The charter is a living document, and it can and will be changed over time to reflect us and the game as well.
Guild News

There goes a Balmora wb

Drinar, Feb 22, 12 10:37 PM.


Sinzin, Jan 9, 12 3:41 PM.
A first for Risen, the Nar Shaddaa world boss, R4-GL, was slain with ease!

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We use mumble!

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port 9900
no password needed!
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